Project:Continuity of Care (UE)

Course numberB3.06690.20.020
Course codeFallbetr
Semester of degree program Semester 2
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits2,0
Language of instruction German

Students are introduced to the concept of the continuous case management by midwives and can describe and explain this. They have a deeper knowledge of the psychosocial changes of becoming parents.


Students learn through an exemplary individual case monitoring, the different phases and the care sheet from early pregnancy until the late postpartum period as well as the concepts of woman -centered care based on the principles of Conti Unity , Control and Choice or the "Partnership with women and families " in theory and practice develop kennen.Sie and document their own project-based and case-based learning processes in close cooperation with the professional caregivers in the intra-and extramural health professionals, accompanied ( expectant ) mothers and fathers and in small groups with teachers and students in the degree program . The project will be completed with the late puerperium the mother accompanied the following semester in the ILV " postpartum care Mother and child skills training 4" . See FH - AV - Midwives (FH-Heb-AV StF: BGBl. II Nr. 1/2006 (Version 2016): Minimum content of midwifery education . Gesundheitserziehung system and health care , early detection of diseases , psychological and social factors, preparation for childbirth and parenting , and taking into account the psychological aspects of counseling pregnant , have recently given birth , especially breastfeeding counseling , and family counseling

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Theoretical input, reading of texts, exercises, small group work, learning diary