Non-contact measurement of "snow" in high alpine terrain with drones and innovative sensors

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Ulf Scherling (FH Kärnten), Gernot Paulus (FH Kärnten)
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Information Technologies
Geoinformation and Environment

The research group SIENA (Spatial Informatics for ENvironmental Applications) research group of Carinthia University of Applied Sciences is currently a research partner in 2 exciting national projects dealing with the development of innovative methods for non-contact measurement of snow parameters in high alpine terrain.
The SIENA team has newly developed and extensively tested a special drone as a fixed-wing aircraft in the area of the Kölnbreinsperre in Carinthia as part of the SnowPower project (Lead: Verfahren Umwelt Management GmbH; ). Another research focus is the design and practical implementation of different sensor test scenarios for a novel radar measurement system to measure specific snow properties in the FFG project KlimZug, which is coordinated by UBIMET GmbH (KlimZug - "Climate Change Adaptation in Train Traffic by Forecasting Extreme Weather & Climate Change-induced Changes in Energy Supply";

The PRESSE reported on 07.11.2022 - we thank you very much for the coverage.
To the article "The deep view into the high snow" in the PRESSE (in German)


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