Exchange of experts in the field of 3D printing

Experts meet in the laboratories of the CUAS on the topic of 3D printing technologies. f.l.t.r.: Martin Maitz (FH Kärnten), Franz Riemelmoser (FH Kärnten), Manfred Haiberger (Haratech), Gunter Hiebler (GPS), Harald Jordan (IPAC)
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Engineering & IT

The 3D printing exchange between the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and HARATECH has revealed a variety of innovation approaches: 3D printing is used for customised products, e.g. prostheses in medical technology and protective helmets in the sports sector. But other industries also benefit from 3D printing technology. For example, ultralight components for electromobility and aircraft construction are produced with it.

3D printing technology will lead to a massive change in production technology. It is estimated that the share of 3D printing in the production volume will triple in the next few years. In order to be able to implement this change in Carinthia, well-trained specialists are needed.

This is an opportunity for the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences to position itself as a "3D educator" in Austria with its existing competences. In combination with the DIPA Academy, which is currently being founded and for which detailed training plans and procedures are already being worked on, there is additional synergy potential. Since HARATECH is planning a branch office at the Villach site, much of this could be implemented very quickly.

DI Dr. Franz Riemelmoser, FH Kärnten
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