New job opportunities with the "IT Geoinformation and Environment" degree program

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Information Technologies
Geoinformation and Environment

Gerald Gruber, head of the "IT Geoinformation and Environment" program, in conversation with Markus Böhm from "Kärnten.Magazin".

The Bachelor degree program "IT Geoinformation and Environment" contributes to environmental protection. In an interview with Markus Böhm from Kärnten.Magazin, Gerald Gruber, head of the program, gives an insight into geoinformation, the possible career paths for graduates of the Bachelor's program and the many challenges in this exciting professional field. 200 graduates have completed the program since 2000, the year it began.
You can read the report by Kärnten.Magazin in German HERE.
Information on the degree program:

FH -Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Gerald Gruber
Head of degree program IT Geoinformation and Environment

+43 5 90500 2200