ERP - Systems and Applications (ILV)


Course lecturer:


 Gerhard Gugenberger


 Albert Rittenschober
Course numberM2.07850.10.070
Course codeERP
Semester of degree program Semester 1
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits3,5
Language of instruction German

Students are able to explain the basics of ERP systems and analyze business processes and map in the ERP system. You can simulate and execute based on typical SAP core processes of a company. They can also be integrated with ERP systems than core of a business system and know the differences of ERP systems on the market and can assess and evaluate them.

Overview of ERP solutions & basic processes in ERP system operational data collection capabilities and customization of ERP system implementation of selected cross-module business processes from procurement, production, sales, investment management, human resources, finance and accounting with SAPÜberblick of frequently used ERP systems and their specifications for different industries

Görtz, M./Hesseler, M. (2007): Basiswissen ERP-Systeme: Auswahl, Einführung & Einsatz betriebswirtschaftlicher Standardsoftware. 1. Aufl., o.O.: W3l.Weißbach, M. (2006): ERP-Einführungen in der Praxis: Ein Handbuch für Führungskräfte und IT-Praktiker. 1. Aufl., o.O.: Vdm Verlag Dr. Müller.

Integrated course (ILV)