Socio-Spatial Oriented Methods and Socio-Spatial Research II (SE)

Course numberM3.0607.40.020
Course code
Semester of degree program Semester 4
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits3,0
Language of instruction German

have a profound knowledge with regard to the social report as a method of action, learning and research methods to reconstruct social grievance constellations;
can connect the specific way of the visual discursive "logic of argumentation" with a photo-text montage;
they are able to realise a social report as an input to social reporting by exemplarily dealing with economically, political-societally and culturally imparted problem constellations.

In the course, the social report is imparted and discussed as a method of action, learning and research to reconstruct social problems and their interactive, institutional and socio-political processes as well as their perspective solution. The social report connects the visual and discursive "logic of argumentation" and its individual sense with the photo-text montage (triangulation) in a specific way.
This way, there is a critical-analytic discourse with (economically, politically-societally and culturally imparted) socio-spatial problem constellations in the form of case studies, in which the features of the photographic illustration and cognition possibilities are worked out. In teams, students work on an exemplary social report as a special form of social reporting, in which they express the iconographic presentation modalities and the iconological ways of interpretation.

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Course immanent exam character and final exam