Introduction to Computer Aided Design (ILV)

Course numberM-ISCD-1.01
Course codeCAD-1
Semester of degree program Semester 1
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits6,0
Language of instruction English

The focus of this course is on learning how to use CAD tools and on gaining first practical experience in the use of these CAD tools for full-custom VLSI design.

Prerequisite in attending this course is a basic knowledge of analog systems and circuit design, semiconductor technology, use of computers and CAD tools.

The course offers lectures on operating systems, modeling and representation (design entry), digital and analog simulation tools, mask layout design tools as well as the backend design process and explains the modern digital and mixed-signal VLSI design flow.

Tutorials and labs are organized in parallel to lectures and provide hands-on experience in using industry standard CAD tools.

- Special readings on the used CAD tools are given throughout the course lab.

- Online documentations of design tools.

Details on exams and grading are given by the lecturers in class.
Overall grading and weighting for all parts of the CAD course is:
20% lecture / lab participation 25% homework and self-study 55% final exam