Values & Ethics in the Market Economy (ILV)


Course lecturer:

FH-Prof. MMag. Dr.

 Florian Oppitz


FH-Prof. Prof. Dr. habil.

 Gregor van der Beek

Specialization AreaIntercultural Management
Course numberB4.06365.50.061
Course codeVal&Ethic
Semester of degree program Semester 5
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits4,0
Language of instruction English

The students

  • know different views of universalizing moral philosophy.
  • They have discussed the merits of the ethical philosophy of Kant, Mill and Rawls.
  • They are aware of the instruments of international human rights protection and the main human rights.
  • comprehend the philosophical underpinnings of the economic theories of efficiency and distribution
  • are able to discuss an economic problem with regard to its implicit theories of distribution

The course will cover the following topics/content:

  • Ethics in philosophy
  • Universalization
  • Categorical imperative
  • Utilitarianism
  • Veil of ignorance
  • Universal declaration of human rights.
  • Efficiency theories (Pareto, Bentham, technical efficiency)
  • Theories of distribution (Buchanan, Marx, Rawls, Nozick)
  • Procedural fairness (Buchanan, Habermas)
  • Equal opportunity

Donnelly, J. (2013): Universal Human Rights in Theory and Practice. Sage: Cornell University Press.
Clapham, A. (2016): Human Rights: A very short introduction. (2nd edition). Oxford: Oxford University Press (OUP)
Goodin, R.E./Pettit, P. (1997): Contemporary Political Philosophy. New Jersey, USA: Wiley-Blackwell
Nozick, R. (2013): Anarchy, State, and Utopia. New York: Basic Books.
Rawls, J. (1999): A Theory of Justice. Cambridge, Massachusetts, London: Harvard University Press.
Sen, A. (1992): Inequality Reexamined. Massachusetts, USA: First Harvard University Press.
Tresch, R. W. (2008): Public Sector Economics. Red Globe Press.
Wimmer, R. (1980): Universalisierung in der Ethik. Analyse, Kritik und Rekonstruktion ethischer Rationalitätsansprüche. Berlin: Suhrkamp

Moderated group work, lecture, discussion, case work

Cumulative module examination
The module grade is calculated weighted by the ECTS credits of the individual courses of the module and results as follows:
ILV "Values & Ethics in the Market Economy" - 4 ECTS
Assessment type: continuous assessment
Assessment method/s: collaboration and participation in class, written presentation to specific topic