Russian 2 (CEF A1-A2) (UE)


Course lecturer:


 Josef Johann Urschitz
Course numberM4.05170.20.184
Course codeRus 2
Semester of degree program Semester 2
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits4,0
Language of instruction

Upon the successful completion of Russian 2, students will be able to:

give a short description of their homes

talk about the weather

ask and give directions

write short letters and messages

understand short written and audio messages

Positive completion of Russian 1

This course builds on the language topics covered in Russian 1. Therefore the following areas will be covered:





personal and possessive pronouns: dat. sg., instr. sg. and gen. pl.

verbs of motion without prefixes

indication of time

numerals 1 - 1000

government of the numerals

imperative of the verbs

verbal aspect in future tense

Course participants will talk about the following topics:

description of home

small talk

the weather

In addition, students will also conduct conversations in the following situations:

telephone enquiries

invitations (home, theatre, circus,...)

asking and giving directions


asking for information on the underground railway

Loos, Harald and Anatoli Berditschewski:Projekty - Ein Russischlehrwerk für Beruf und Alltag. Ismaning, Hueber Verlag, 42004.

Hamann, Carola: Otlitschno! A1. Ismaning, Hueber Verlag, 2010.

Lecture and presentation, group work, pair work, role plays, learning games, blended learning, homework

Written exam (50%), oral exam (40%), active participation and homework (10%) according to CEFR (understanding, speaking, writing, grammar)