Technical Systems Simulation (ILV)

Course numberB2.06060.52.220
Course codeTSS
Semester of degree program Semester 5
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits2,5
Language of instruction German

The students know basic numerical methods for modeling of particular mechanical and thermal systems and the limits of their application. They have these skills deepened through practice applications with relevant software such as MATLAB. They re able to model not to complex technical systems.

B2.06060.12.020 - Mathematical modeling EinführungB2.06060.31.050 - Technical DynamikB2.06060.31.060 - Numerical MethodenB2.00000.11.020 - computer science and programming C / C AB2.00000.22.230 - Physics 2BB2.00000.31.260 - Control Engineering MB

Basics of modelling and simulation

Simulation of static and dynamic mechanical systems

Simulation of plain thermodynamical and fluid mechanical systems

MATLAB examples

Typical sources of error

Yang et al.: Applied numerical methods using MATLAB, Wiley

S. Adam: MATLAB und Mathematik kompetent einsetzen, Wiley-VCH

W.D. Pietruszka: MATLAB und Simulink in der Ingenieurpraxis;

Modellbildung, Berechnung und Simulation; Teubner