Remote Applications and Trends (ILV)

Specialization AreaRemote Systems
Course numberM2.05284.21.321
Course codeRemApp
Semester of degree program Semester 2
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits1,0
Language of instruction English

The students understand the fundamental concepts and know the general tendencies and trends in remote systems applications.
They are familiar with the main definitions of terms in the special field.
The students are able to analyze and evaluate remote systems applications.

This course will give an overview about current and future tendencies in remote engineering: Overview about technologies in remote engineering; Classification of online technologies, State-of-the Art; Virtual simulations - classification, domains of application, examples; Remote technologies - classification, domains of application, examples; Future trends: By structure and functionality, by technology, by application domains.

Abul K.M. Azad, Michael E. Auer & Judson Harward: Internat Accessible Remote Laboratories; IGI Global, 2012
Javier Garcia Zubia and Gustavo R. Alves: Using Remote Labs in Education, University of Deusto, 2011
Luis Gomes and Javier Garcia Zubia: Advances on remote laboratories and e-learning experiences, University of Deusto, 2007