Statistical Spatial Analysis (ILV)

Course numberM-SIM1.08
Course codeSSAna
Semester of degree program Semester 1
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits3,0
Language of instruction English

GIS and spatial analysis are increasingly becoming important researchand application areas in geography and related disciplines (i.e.,Geographic Information Sciences). The focus in this course will be ondifferent groups of spatial analysis techniques, including spatial datacollection, point and area pattern analysis, spatial cluster analysis,exploratory spatial data analysis and spatial regression. At the end of the semester we give several examples of application areas, including geomarketing, crime analysis, scientific visualization and public health. The analysis techniques discussed in this class mostly use discrete data and therefore are foremost applicable to social science research and applications. We will not deal with techniques that commonly employ continuous spatial phenomena (e.g. climate, geology) and which are referred to as geo-statistics (e.g. kriging).