Thriving Thursdays: Mindfulness Matters

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SIETAR Austria - ExpertTalks on Thursday evenings!

SIETAR Austria, which is part of the School of Management, has organized a series of online ExpertTalks on Thursday evenings at 18:00 (for 30 minutes) to find out how experts from across the world, who work in the intercultural field, are surviving or thriving in our current turbulent times. The aim of the talks is to consciously promote a growth mindset in these difficult times.

A series of fantastic experts are lined up for the next 12 weeks! Today Matthew Hill is starting, a UK based mediator, speaker, author & former SIETAR UK President. Next week Milton Bennet will join us from Milan, the week after Shannon-Murphy Robinson from the US – a really a fantastic international line-up!

Information to today’s talk:
Matthew Hill

Join the upcoming talk on Thursday (16th April 2020) 6.oo pm for 30 mins via zoom (20 mins interview, 10 mins Q&A)!

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