Presentation – ”Stumbles on the Way to Our Digital Future”

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Engineering & IT

The research group Online and Pocket Labs invites interested people to join our research Group meeting with special guest Dr. Judson Harward (Director of Arts and Humanities Research Computing at Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences) who will talk about his thoughts on the challenges of bringing new technologies into libraries, other repositories and museums.

"By exploring the interplay of society, technology, and education through two particular technologies, online laboratories and a new software infrastructure (IIIF)to share high resolution digital archives on the web, we find that students aregaining autonomy while in some cases losing the mentorship of close interactionwith faculty."

– Judson Harward

At “Tag der Lehre” on the 27th of March he will also hold his keynote " Flirting with Digital
Education: Is It Time to Commit?"


March 28, 2017, 10:10–11:50 a.m.
Seminarraum 4 – Campus Villach

Short Bio:

Dr. Judson Harward is currently Director of Arts and Humanities Research Computing at Harvard
University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He was trained as a Classical Archaeologist, but his background in computing led him to become involved with multimedia technologies for the recording of archaeological excavation. He started a long career at MIT by joining a multimedia research group at Project Athena and later became a Principal Research Scientist and Associate Director at MIT's Center for Educational Computing Initiatives. He served as software architect and project manager for the iLab Shared Architecture for nine years and was also co-Principal Investigator of the iLab-Africa project funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. He was one of the founders and the first president of the Global Online Laboratory Consortium (GOLC), which was founded in Villach 2009. At Harvard, he has concentrated on developing digital infrastructure for arts and humanities researchers and in building strong partnerships with the universities libraries.