MIMI e-Tools Skills Development

MIMI Projekt, Gruppenfoto 16.09.2015
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Engineering & IT

On 16 – 17 September 2015 at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences in Villach a training program for MIMI, a Tempus project for the development of internationalization strategies, for partners from southern Mediterranean countries was held. CUAS warmly welcomed a representative group from the Ministries of Education from Morocco, Jordan and Lebanon as well as manager and researcher from partners’ universities from the mentioned countries.

The aim of the training was to enrich the Internationalization@home and the learning exchange with new e-Learning tools, to share experience in internationalization and to provide knowledge about using Moodle and Online labs in such context. The participants have the task to develop a cross-cultural welcome course about their university and region. The material realized during the training will be used externally as an internet hot spot to share information for hosting international students, to learn the culture of the host country and internationalization aspects by the involved universities.

CUAS team of MIMI from OLA lab (Eng&IT) and the International Office and Mr. Marvin Hoffland out training were very glad to be able to organize such an activity and provide to all participants a successful gathering. Many thanks also to Dr. Ramona Oros, who was responsible for the preparation of this event.