Invited Talk: Steven M. Ward

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Geoinformation und Umwelt

Dr. Steven Ward, Director of Geospatial Sciences of The Climate Corporation in San Francisco/USA holds a talk about "The Science behind Digital Agriculture” on Tuesday, 9. 01. 2018 at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.




"The Science behind Digital Agriculture”
A Climate Field View

Tuesday, 9. 01. 2018 at 5:00 pm
Hörsaal 3 – FH Kärnten Europastrasse 4, Villach – St. Magdalen

Dr. Steven Ward is a Monsanto Scientific Fellow and the Director of Geospatial Sciences at The Climate Corporation based in San Francisco, CA. He currently leads a research team comprised of remote sensing scientists, geographers, statisticians and artificial intelligence specialists conducting advanced research in the areas of Remote Sensing, Digital Agriculture and Crop Physiology. His role also finds him assisting with geospatial strategy, tech evaluation and architecture design for engineering, product and leadership teams across both Climate Corp. and Monsanto organizations. Dr. Ward is currently a senior member of the Climate Corporations Scientific Leadership Team and Engineering Leadership Team as well as the Monsanto Data Science Council.

Prior to his role at The Climate Corp., Dr. Ward served as a Senior Geospatial Scientist with DigitalGlobe Intelligence Solutions - National Security Program; providing geospatial analytic and technology development services and solutions to US government customers within the Intelligence, Special Operations and Counter-Terrorism Community. A career geospatial technology professional, he has 18 years of experience in both the applied and academic sides of the field. He has worked in geospatial roles as a Field Scientist, Analyst and Program Manager supporting environmental, coastal studies and petrochemical industries, as well as disaster, economic and humanitarian assistance efforts across the globe.

Steven holds a BS in Environmental Management Systems, an MS in Agronomy/GIS, and a Ph.D. in Hazards Geography & Disaster Science from Louisiana State University. Through his academic work Dr. Ward has authored a number of book chapters and journal articles focusing on the application of predictive analytics and geospatial technology in disaster management, risk mitigation, and vulnerability assessments.