ICL 2018: Digital Transformation in Education

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Engineering & IT

The International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL) took place from 25th – 28th September at Kos Island, Greece. Vice rector and General chair holder Michael Auer and Andreas Pester, director of studies, founded the ICL with the goal to remove the research in the field of online laboratories and modern education 21 years ago.

Since then the conference has become to one of the most important networking events in this field. CUAS (Carinthia University of Applied Sciences) members Thomas Klinger, Christian Madritsch, Christian Kreiter and Sarko Baltayan  (all Engineering & IT) presented their latest research results about Online and Pocket Labs and also about a Cluster of Computers in Remote Laboratories. More details about the papers can be found at the ICL website www.icl-conference.org.

The best paper winning award went to Christina Merl, lecturer at CUAS, with her input “Communication Skills Training for the 21st Century Engineer: A Contemporary Approach to Teaching”. With his Learning platform App Maximilian Frühmann from the Vienna Institute of Technology (TGM) was honorable notified in the context of the 1st ICL International student Competition on Learning Technologies.

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