G[Insight] 2018/2019

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Spatial Information Management

In the current Geo-Newsletter you will find the latest information from the program: Projects, research fields, highlights from field studies, career opportunities and success stories are the central topics in the new Geo-Newsletter.

Contributions in English can be found on the following pages:

  • Marshall Plan
    Page 6: Daniel Been - University of NEW Mexico
    Page 7: Levente Juhas – University of Florida
  • Scientific Presentations & International Conferences 
    Page 9: GI Research Colloquium
    Page 10: GI_Forum & AGIT
    Page 11: Experience Report on Attending a Conference by Nurperi Nuralieva 
  • Stories of Success
    Page 15: Gabriele Richardson - PhD @ Louisiana State University 
    Page 16: Yelbek Utepov - My Experience after graduating from CUAS