Citizen Science Award 2016

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Engineering & IT

FH Kärnten, represented by the team from OnlineLabs4All (project leader Michael Auer), participated in the Citizen Science Award 2016. This is an initiative of the Zentrum für Citizen Science – OeAD to engage pupils in research and motivate them to discover new things.

OnlineLabs4All was one of the nine project which have been involved in this festive Awards session. The time frame of Citizen Science Award 2016 was 1. April – 30. September 2016. During this time teachers together with pupils had to develop attractive learning materials for online labs and afterwards to use them in class. By doing this and sending us the proof of their work, teachers could win together with their class one of the three prices offered.

The Award ceremony was held on Tuesday, 13.12.2016 at University of Vienna. The winner of the 1st place – Mr. Peter Pardeller comes from NMS Zirl.  2nd place went to HTL Villach – Mr. Gernot Oberlercher and 3rd place HTL Mössingerstrasse – Mr. Norbert Hörandner. Both teachers and pupils from the Carinthian classes were in Vienna. The prices have been handed over by Ms. Ramona Oros as project member and Ms. Barbara Weitgruber from BMWFW.