Alex Hanania – Jordan, Class of 2015

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Wirtschaft & Management - Studium
International Business Management

I love the practical aspect of the International Business Management program. Everything I learned before was boring theory after theory ‒ but here it is different from day one. It is all about analysis, case studies, practical sessions, presentations and class discussions. Exams are theoretical but this is an inevitability anywhere, I think.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to learn another foreign language, which is great. I was surprised most of all how professional and similar-minded other students are. I made many friends and I’m still new here, I meet extremely interesting people almost every day. The teachers are awesome, they are very informal and very open to new ideas and discussions. The classes are interesting, the workload is manageable and diverse enough to keep it interesting. A bike is a must in this town, you can reach CUAS easily from anywhere on the bike and you can go exploring the beautiful nature surrounding this town. I learned so much here, I met so many cool people and I still never missed a single party yet. Slovenia and Italy are a stone throw away from here too. I would totally recommend the experience I am having now. If you decide to join next year and get accepted, make sure to find me, I’ll be happy to meet you and show you around.