Sietar Austria Workshop

13. Jul, Montag | Von: 08:00 bis 20:00 Uhr
Ort: FH extern | Organisator: FH extern

A portable career is a profession that you can put in your suitcase when you leave, and start again in your new destination. In order to build one, it is important to become aware of a multitude of factors that can make the difference between a successful portable job and a frustrating experience.

During this session we shall define what a portable career is, which are its main features, obstacles and how to overcome them.

We’ll focus on the important elements that constitute a portable career: clarity of values, motivation, networking, and flexibility. We’ll pinpoint what is important to know when you decide to relocate to a new country with your job.

We’ll also look at the role of national cultures in a portable job.

  • Invited Speakers: 
    Claudia Landini, Intercultural Trainer, Coach and Founder of
  • Language:
  • Organization:
    Eithne Knappitsch/Karin Martin 
    SIETAR Austria/CUAS School of Management                        
  • Location:
    Office of the Carinthian International Club
    7 Hauptplatz, 9500 Villach

Limited places available!

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