Internationally active companies and organizations are very demanding when they recruit new employees. They usually look for people who are multilingual, solution-oriented, possess a high degree of cultural awareness, and are both generalists and specialists at the same time. International Business Management offers both, a well-grounded general business education in an international context and the opportunity to immerse yourself in one out of three fields of specialization (International Marketing, International Human Resource Management or International Finance).

In this unique international master’s program, students acquire the management, leadership and functional skills for doing business in an international context, and will also master challenges of increasing complexity (e.g. case studies, simulations, research projects, or real-life consulting projects for companies) that allow them to acquire the problem-solving and interpersonal skills required in today’s globalized business environment.


for studying International Business Management at CUAS

 Strong practice-orientation

 Internationally recognized high-class education

 Successful alumni

 A unique combination of generalist and specialist knowledge

 International networks (including double degree possiblities)

 Learning a new foreign language

 Excellent conditions for studying

 A great place to study and live


Admission requirements & Key learning outcomes

Admission requirements

  • business- or management-related Bachelor's degree or equivalent (with an adequate grade point average)
  • language and communication skills in English (level C1)
  • clear motivation to study and work in an international environment
  • willingness and ability to lead and work in teams
  • enjoyment of international and intercultural challenges

Key learning outcomes

  • plan, organize, and implement International business development strategies and processes
  • recognize global and country-specific economic trends and their Impact on doing business in an international environment
  • analyze and optimize the value chain (from supply chain management to marketing) of internationally active companies
  • understand and develop intra- and interorganizational relationships, structures and processes
  • create and execute business plans for international ventures
  • communicate convincingly both orally and in written form in an intercultural context
  • speak an additional foreign language
  • understand the specifics of doing business in Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe
  • professionally contribute to a business function in their field of specialization, International Marketing, International Human Resource Management or International Finance
  • work independently and in teams to solve complex challenging managerial problems with the help of cross-functional business competences and personal development skills that students acquire during the program


Level of qualification
ECTS credits
Tuition fees
€ 363.36 / semester
Qualification awarded
  • Master of Arts in Business
Duration of study
4 semester
ÖH (Austrian Student Union) fee
€ 20.70 / semester
Language of instruction
FH campus
  • Villach

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