Technology-based baseline survey Vellacher Au


A follow-up project from BioMoniTec investigated the biodiversity in the flood plain area of the Vellacher Au.

The project is carried out by the team of the UNESCO Chair on Management of Conservation Areas at the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences within the vegetation period of the year 2022. The aim of the project Vellacher Au, which is financed by the Carinthian Government, is to gain new information on biodiversity of the area by using non-invasive technology-based approaches. By using state-of-the-art camera technology in combination with UAV remote sensing, habitats are documented in the study area. Environmental DNA is used for the detection of freshwater biodiversity and fungal diversity in terrestrial ecosystems. Acoustic sensors are used for the detection of bird and bat species. A final report will document and reflect on the practical use of technology deployments for biodiversity monitoring.

Financed by: Province of Carinthia