Nadezhda Garneva – Bulgaria, Class of 2014

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International Business Management - Master CUAS

"Leaders who leverage employees’ intercultural capital, collaborative relationships, and cultures will thrive in the new millennium.” 

Rosen et al., 2000 

The Master program of International Business Management surprised me in a positive way. Before arriving in Villach, I have not expected that the course would be so internationally oriented with my colleagues coming not only from Europe but from all over the world. I realized the importance of the idea of intercultural competence, a fact I have experienced during my travels, but learned here also in theory. 

Unlike in my previous university, the approach here is really personal and motivates me to study and achieve more. Our lecturers are very well-prepared professionals, among them Austrians and native English speakers. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone who strives for a position in management. The best management program in Austria awaits you, alongside a pleasant atmosphere at the CUAS building in Villach and the amazing nature here in Carinthia.