Daniele Oteri, MA

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International Business Management - Master CUAS

(Graduated in 2017)
Sales Consultant, Transtrack International, Amsterdam

Choosing to study at CUAS was without any doubt the best academic choice I made in my life so far. My decision was based on the fact that I wanted to study at a University of Applied Sciences, after experiencing great learnings in a similar university in Germany, during my Erasmus exchange year. My expectations were quickly satisfied. The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) is a great university, with good and highly educated teachers and a solid and efficient organization. I feel it is the place I learned the most, mostly because we had the opportunity to apply in practice what we learned in theory, and also because we were all able to learn to work in group, with all the challenges that this brings.

After finishing the third semester, I moved to Amsterdam for a six-months internship, and in the mean time I was writing my master thesis. I was lucky to find an environment that was perfectly complementary to me and my background, and I was able to thrive within the organization thanks to the competences acquired during the master’s program, for example soft skills developed in intercultural communication, in negotiations and conflict management, in marketing and strategic management.

I work now for a Dutch IT company. I am responsible for big projects, working with Central and Commercial Banks all over the world. I am shining in the organization and the most of my success comes from the things learned at CUAS. I am now able to present my consultancy results in front of Central Banks’ governors, to meet key people in large banking organizations, traveling the world every month. Maybe it is early to say, but I feel I found my dream job. And even though part of all this might have been luck, I am strongly convinced that without the International Business Management master I could not be prepared for such challenge.

As you might have understood between the lines, I strongly recommend the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and the International Business Management master program as your next step in your academic life!