Carina Sagmeister, MA

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International Business Management - Master CUAS

(Graduated in 2014)
Marketing, Skiline Media GmbH

After my Bachelor studies in international management with a concentration on marketing, I was looking for a Master’s program that would provide me with a more general view of business, not only one dimension of it. Since I wanted to stay in Carinthia after my studies, I decided that the International Business Management program at CUAS was the perfect choice for obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills I needed for my future workplace. The region of Central Eastern and South East Europe, along with its economic and cultural peculiarities, represents a core field of study in the program. Due to its geographical proximity to Carinthia, this region is bound to become increasingly important for local businesses, which is why I felt even more confirmed in my choice of studies.

The teaching methods are very practice-oriented, including case studies and field trips to companies in Austria and abroad. An overnight case study was a new but highly interesting experience where we could see how we performed under stress and whether we were able to make decisions in a very short amount of time.

The most interesting projects were real-life research studies that were carried out for regional companies and which lasted for an entire semester. These projects gave us the opportunity to gain experience by working on real business cases and apply all the theoretical knowledge we gained during the previous semesters.

Furthermore, also the teachers at CUAS are skilled and competent and are able to create an enthusiastic and friendly learning environment. This, together with small class sizes and up-to-date teaching materials, results in a qualitative education that is able to provide students with a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge of all fields of business.

I have never regretted my choice of studies and can recommend the International Business Management program to everyone who is looking for a practice-oriented, holistic education.