Alina Prochiner, MA

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International Business Management - Master CUAS

(Graduated in 2016)
Assistant in Sales Channel Development (BMW Austria)

Back when I started my studies at CUAS I was not 100% confident that I was going to master the challenges of today’s work life and be well prepared to become a valuable part in a successful enterprise. However, during the last two years I could develop my professional skills, my personality and my social skills.

I was allowed to become part of a diverse unique team of students and I did not only find study colleagues but friends for a lifetime. There is hardly any other opportunity to foster your personal network and contacts and even improve your language level as it is offered at CUAS. Due to the focus on the upcoming economic region CEE/SEE see I feel perfectly prepared for the future trends and the market development in a modern economy.

I was taught how to deal with different cultures, how to overcome conflicts in work life and I even had the opportunity to learn a new language – I discovered my passion for Russian. On top of all those benefits that the IBM Master has brought forward I also want to emphasize the role of the lecturers. They are always motivated and catching us students with real life business cases, inspiring anecdotes of their own business experiences and exciting excursions. Their attitude and engagement make the whole program an experience, which is definitely worth four semesters of studying.