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(Status: 12.05.2021) Safe on campus - Information on mandatory access tests

Dear Students, dear Colleagues,

due to the easing steps communicated by the Austrian Federal Government at the beginning of the week, we would like to inform you about the current status of the regulations at our university.

The following measures apply until further notice from 19 May 2021:

  • Most of the courses will continue to take place online in the spring semester. Face-to-face events and exams are only held if they are not substituted online.

In order to get access to the CUAS campus one of the following documents* is required:

  • A negative antigen test (valid for a maximum of 48 hours)
    NOTE! Rapid antigen tests are also possible after prior registration at the respective campuses. Registration and the exact procedure can be found at
  • A negative PCR test (valid for a maximum of 72 hours)
  • Proof of a Covid illness within the last 6 months in the form of a doctor's confirmation or a separation notification.
  • Proof of a first or/and second corona vaccination **.

* All current information regarding valid self-tests and neutralizing antibody tests can be found at, and will be updated as soon as further information is available from the Austrian Federal Government.

** You can also find the exact details and deadlines at

  • When attending the campuses, it is mandatory to wear an FFP2 mask and to keep a distance of 2m to each other. This applies to corridors, lectures and other rooms. In addition, please also - as before - pay attention to the general hygiene guidelines (hand washing, disinfection, cough and sneeze labels and regular ventilation).
  • The reading zones in the libraries are accessible again, but here, too, attention must be paid to maintaining the distance and to the restrictions concerning the maximum number of people in the room (posted on the library doors).
  • The entrance doors of the campuses can still be opened with an access chip. Please make sure you have an ID when entering the building.
  • There will be no more excursions in the spring semester 2021.

The new rectorate ordinance including all updates will be sent to you by e-mail directly from the rectorate in the next few days.

Notification of positive tests and suspected cases:

If you have been identified as a confirmed, suspected or contact COVID case by the health authorities, or if you have to stay in quarantine, we ask you to continue to submit all data, including a description of the situation or which instructions have been given by the health authority. Please use the form on the homepage under COVID-19 updates, with which you can easily report all the necessary information.

Current status of the cases at CUAS as of 12 May 2021:

  • Positive cases: 0
  • Contact person 1: 1
  • Contact person 2: 0
  • Suspected cases: 0

We would like to thank you for the cooperation and the consistent compliance with the measures and wish you a good semester! Stay safe and sound!

With best regards,
CUAS Crisis Management Team