Analog Generators

Run-TimeJanuary/2020 - November/2022
Project management
  • Johannes Sturm
  • Project staff
  • Corinna Maria Kudler
  • Michael Köberle
  • Wolfgang Scherr
  • ForschungsschwerpunktHochfrequenztechnik
  • Integrated Systems and Circuits Design
  • ForschungsprogrammKooperative Forschung
  • Silicon Austria Labs GmbH
  • The main goal of the Project is to develop an agile analog design methodology where the IC analog engineering knowledge will be captured in executable generators.

    The target of the project is to design of basic analog blocks and systems that will be reused across different SOCs and CMOS technologies.

    • Silicon Austria Labs GmbH (Fördergeber/Auftraggeber)