Second year for IT joint degree: FH Kärnten and FH Technikum Wien offer joint Bachelor's degree programme "IT Joint Degree”

Second year for IT joint degree
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Engineering & IT

The degree programme will take place one year in Vienna and two years in Carinthia. On 7 May there will be an info session online.

Last year, the FH Technikum Wien and the FH Kärnten started a joint information technology bachelor's programme. The first year of study takes place in Vienna, the two further years up to graduation, including a work placement, are completed in Carinthia. The programme is aimed at both Carinthian students who would like to study in Vienna for a year and interested students from the greater Vienna area who want to benefit from the excellent job opportunities in Carinthia - because the growing industrial sector in Carinthia in particular is intensively looking for skilled workers.

The Bachelor's programme "Informationstechnologien – Joint Degree" combines contents from the Bachelor's programme "Computer Science" at the FH Technikum Wien and from the Bachelor's programme "Information Technologies" at the FH Carinthia into a joint study programme of the two universities of applied sciences. The Bachelor's programme comprises six semesters, with the first two semesters taking place at the FH Technikum Wien and the following semesters at the FH Kärnten.

All information about the programme on the programme website.