Patricia Spörk – Austria, Class of 2017

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International Business Management

I am very happy and proud to be an International Business Management student at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS).

After my Bachelor studies I wanted to specialize myself in international business in order to be prepared for new challenges in a rapidly changing business environment and to gain a better understanding for different economic sectors. Personally, it was important for me to have a time schedule which offers the possibility to work beside the studies, and to get more work experiences too. All these points I found in this Master’s program.

The very well organized program fulfilled my expectations and widened my horizon from the very beginning on. The lecturers share their theoretical and practical knowledge with us and we students are invited to participate very actively during classes. Furthermore, the teaching style is a bit different to the one I was used to. The highly practice-oriented group works included in the courses are motivating everyone to contribute and to share knowledge. This friendly interconnection really facilitates learning. Also, the fact that my classmates have diverse cultural and academic backgrounds makes the collaboration and discussions much more exciting and instructive. For me as an Austrian girl who studies in Austria, I really enjoy the international atmosphere and environment. Additionally, I also enjoy receiving regular feedback about my performance. This really helps me to grow and learn. Taken as a whole, it was the best decision to apply for this program.