Online Labs for Brazil and Argentina

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Engineering & IT

The online laboratory platform for the remote lab “Visir” will soon be introduced in universities in Brazil and Argentina. Visir, developed by Dr. Ingvar Gustavsson and his team from our partner University BLEKINGE TEKNISKA HÖGSKOLA (BTH), has been utilized at the CUAS for electronic lessons and projects since 2010.

The kick-off meeting of the new Erasmus+ project “VisirPlus” took place from 1st-3rd February in the southern Swedish town of Karlskrona. Visir is an online platform for remote labs and is being used in various fields of electronics, acoustics, and most recently in drive technologies.  Based upon the past intensive and successful efforts to build up an international network in online labs, CUAS’s Dean Andreas Pester expects the project to continue its successful development and the implementation of all intended targets. “Our work is being recognized internationally, and this was highlighted during a presentation about Visir and its future developments given by our colleague Christian Kreiter”, said Pester proudly after the meeting in Karlskrona.

Kick-off Meeting in Karlskrona

Best Practice 4All

The competence center for online labs and online learning (COLL²) of the CUAS is responsible for the upcoming establishment of the system at our partner university Pontifical Catholic University (PUC), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Possible quality improvements in electronics and electrical lessons and learning by using new media and technologies will be part of the agenda at the next meeting in the second half of 2016. While the CUAS benefits from PUC’s self-invented learning platform “Maxwell”, the Brazilian university will be able to add additional competences by integrating the online labs. A mutual exchange, which adds value for both.


Project coordinator:

Dr.Gustavo Alves, 
ISEP Porto

Partner universities:

PUC Rio de Janeiro, IFSC Florianopolis, UFSC Florianopolis, und further universities


FH-Prof. Dr. Andreas Pester