Light Weight Engineering graduate researches for the industry of the future

Clarissa Becker
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Engineering & IT

The research center "CiSMAT - Carinthia Institute for Smart Materials and Manufacturing Technologies" at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences supports companies from the industrial environment and accompanies them in innovative research projects in the environment of Industry 4.0.

The focus of research is on smart materials and high-performance composites as well as additive manufacturing processes, which are gaining in importance through a cooperation sealed this fall with the French Roberval Laboratory of the Technical University of Compiègne. A weighty contribution to these research issues will be made by Clarissa Becker, who will explore opportunities for improvement in 3D printing technology in her doctoral thesis (PhD). The German-born graduate of the master's program in Light Weight Engineering at the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences in the field of Engineering & IT will spend the first half of the three-year collaboration in France. There she will work on the optimization of 3D printed components made of fiber-reinforced plastic and in particular on the simulation of material behavior.

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Master-Degree „Light Weight Engineering
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