Iago Goncalves – Brazil, Class of 2017

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International Business Management

Apart from the enchantment of studying abroad to gain different point of views, the fact that the management department at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences is extremely competent and has lecturers with a high degree of practical experiences, made this program particularly appealing to me.

The Program Director and the management team are doing an amazing job in handpicking each of us to be part of the program and keeping it extremely diverse. The cultural exchange that we are experiencing here is incredible. Everything I have been learning here is completing my knowledge about all I have seen, worked with, and experienced during my college career in the USA, my internships, as well as my work background in Africa and Asia.

In terms of supervision, we have the chance to meet our professors on a regular basis and on eye-level, which is great. Therefore, we create an intimate academic and professional bond with them all. It is incredible that we are surrounded by professionals, who are extremely interested in the subjects that they are teaching and who are deeply caring about passing on the knowledge they have to others.

Some of the things that I enjoy the most about the program are the guest lecturers from all over, who are owners and top-level managers of successful businesses and, in addition, also the field trips to other countries. Furthermore, I see the location of the campus in Villach as a true plus because astonishing mountains and lakes surround us.

Regarding social life, due to the size of the classes and the different activities that the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences promotes, we are able to meet and closely interact with people from all over the world, therefore, making lifelong friends.

The program is such a “worldly program” and what I mean by that is that it is a world of cultures, a world of views, and a world of exciting challenges.