Guest Lecture of Othmar Wutscher

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International Business Management

On November 20th, 2014 the first semesters CUAS International Business Management students were given the unique opportunity to meet Mr. Othmar Wutscher, Partner of the ATLAS INTERIM management consultancy firm and experienced top manager in many parts of the world.

Mr. Wutscher held a guest lecture in the course “International Strategic Management” in order to give some practical insights into his personal success stories in an international setting. “Adventure economy – Professional experiences in major business regions”-

Mr. Wutscher started his presentation with these expressive words which clearly awakened the curiosity of the students who already had an idea that these words would indicate years of impressive international experiences and know-how.

For the students many of whom themselves also consider working in an international environment after their studies at CUAS it was a unique chance to get practical experience from a professional who can already look back on many years of a professional career in various countries. Mr. Wutscher has worked in the regions of NAFTA, the Golf Countries, Central and Eastern European Countries, Central Asia as well as in the ASEAN region. He held several responsible positions such as Managing Director, General Director, Head of Restructuring, Programme Director or Sector and Group CEO all around the globe. Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, USA, the Philippines or Saudi Arabia are only some of the countries where Mr. Wutscher has worked throughout his diverse professional career. Before he started his international managerial career he had been studying Economics not only in Austria, but also in Australia, the USA and the UK.

Mr. Wutscher emphasized the fact that it is a very enriching and impressive experience to broaden one's horizon and get acquainted with people, the attitudes and ways of lives in other, very different parts of the world. To be successful in an international environment a great deal of tolerance towards and understanding for different cultures and ways of lives is needed. This is also reflected in business life where there is a need to adapt to the culture of the counterpart in order to successfully communicate. Through many years of acting in a multicultural framework Mr. Wutscher has acquired intercultural competence, which he sees as a crucial trait to succeed internationally.

The presentation part was then followed by the interactive part of the guest lecture which involved discussions between Mr. Wutscher and the students. The students were avidly taking the opportunity to ask questions about Mr. Wutscher’s professional experience and personal attitudes.

All in all, the International Business Management students very much appreciated the opportunity to learn from an experienced professional how he has acquired managerial experience and expertise in very different parts of the world.

Mr. Wutscher closed his presentation with the following motivating and inspiring words.

Professional life can be an adventure.
“Do not just live it, experience it!”



Stefanie Schmid, IBM class of 2014