Guest Lecture of Chemson Polymer-Additive AG board member Alexander Hofer

Mr. Alexander Hofer (2nd from the right hand side) with FH-Prof. Dr. Sternad (1st from the right hand side) and International Business Management Master students
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International Business Management

On Thursday, 23rd October 2014, CUAS International Business Management students had the chance to get into very close contact with real business life by meeting Mr. Alexander Hofer, who is one of the two members of the executive board of Chemson Group.

Chemson Group is a global player in the polymer additives business with headquarters in Arnoldstein (Carinthia). The company’s export share amounts to more than 90 percent of its total revenues of more than 200 million euros. Thus, it is a perfect example for a successful internationalization strategy in the context of the first semester course in “International Business Management”.

Mr Hofer started the guest lecture by giving a general overview on the Chemson Group including the segments and markets of Chemson, the company’s development and the added value that it offers to its customers. This provided the students with some interesting background information before starting the discussion of the company’s development in relation to the strategy which is pursued.

The students were avidly taking the opportunity to ask questions which were discussed in much detail. The fact that the guest lecture was held in such an interactive way was very much appreciated by both sides.

The students benefited a lot from the fact that they were given an in-depth insight into the success story of an internationally active company such as Chemson Group.