Winner TRIGOS 2020: Project "PMS Technikum Lavanttal" with the study model "FH Extended"

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Engineering & IT

Award for PMS for the project "Technikum Lavanttal with the study model FH Extended" for responsible management in the category "regional value creation".

On September 16th the TRIGOS Austria was awarded at the MARX Palace in Vienna. The FH Carinthia together with the company PMS Elektro- und Automationstechnik GmbH is pleased that the submitted project with the study model "FH Extended" in the category "Regional Value Creation" convinced the jury and that the efforts are seen in the area of regional value creation and sustainability. After the presentation of the TRIGOS Carinthia, PMS was now also honored with the presentation of the TRIGOS Austria in the category "Regional Value Creation".
The project "PMS Technikum Lavanttal" has convinced the jury that young professionals are offered interesting future perspectives in combination "technology & career entry". The visionary approach creates a regional innovation node, which is supported by Cooperation with the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences (FH) includes the possibility of part-time studies directly at the company location with the "FH Extended" study model launched in autumn, as well as the pillars "Innovation Workshop" and "Start-up Garages". These measures are designed to combat rural exodus and the associated negative developments such as ageing, declining attractiveness of the location and further emigration.

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