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Engineering & IT

The School of Engineering & IT at CUAS invites interesting and renowned people every year to take part in the FORUM TECHNOLOGY: a public lectures series about current issues at the interface of technology and society. The talks are aimed at students, the staff and faculty of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences as well as external guests and partners.

Scientists and practitioners explore and discuss issues such as spatial analysis, deployment of broadband networks, biomimetics , supercomputers and Industry 4.0. In addition to current trends they also focus on future social and technological challenges.


Prof. Dr. Vassil Alexandrov, Barcelona Super Computer Centre
On Data and Computational Science and Social Media   
21st April, 6 pm, Campus Villach

Zdravko Boos, Fellow Intel Corporation
Challenges of the next Wireless Communication System - 5G 
12th May, 6 pm, Campus Villach

Prof. Dr. Ille Gebeshuber, Physicist
What does a physicist do in the jungle? In the footsteps of biomimetics of the rainforest
13th May, 6 pm, Campus Villach

Dr. Kurt Reichinger, Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH
Broadband Expansion - necessity or luxury*
19th May, 6 pm, Campus Klagenfurt

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Blecker, TU Hamburg, Institute for Logistics
Industry 4.0 - potentials and challenges*
7th June, 5 pm, Campus Klagenfurt

Prof. Piotr Jankowski, San Diego State University
Spatial Decision Support Systems: 25 years on
14th June, 6 pm, Campus Villach 

* lecture in German

Mag. Sabine Smeritschnig
Marketing Coordinator Engineering & IT
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