"The Potential of Modern Robot Systems"

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Engineering & IT

Interview with Lisa-Maria Faller and Daniela Kraiger

The current issue of the association magazine e&i of the OVE (Verband für Elektrotechnik) from 20.10.2020 is dedicated to the potential of modern robot systems. In a joint interview, Dr. Lisa-Marie Faller, Professor of Robotics, and Dipl.-Ing. Daniela Krainer, lecturer and researcher in the field of AAL, talk about their main areas of research.

The journal e&i deals with topics from the entire field of electrical engineering and information technology. The spectrum ranges from microelectronics, information and communication technology, control engineering and automation, electrical engineering, energy production and supply to environmental protection.

Extract from the interview

You can read the complete interview in the new issue of the association magazine e&i.

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