Best of Start up

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Engineering & IT

About 100 interested people celebrated the best build!idea projects on 9th March. Jürgen Schussmann and Michael Dorfer (both employees in the degree program network and communication engineering) received with their project "Artfinder", an innovative visitor guide for museums, the first place in the category services. First place in the category product was Lydia Kulterer with her project "mjau - find your cat".

From 42 submissions 15 finalists for the final presentation were invited to present their idea. The main criteria for a win in the categories of product or service were next to a convincing presentation not only the feasibility of the idea, but also customer value and innovation content.


The winners of the two main categories were awarded with the build!Impulse Trophy and received an initial investment of 2,000 euros.

A special prize of the Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt worth 1,000 euros got Christian Jäkl, Florian Steinkellner, Manuel Mitteregger and Mario Vidoni with their idea "RaDICT". The special price CUAS, also endowed with 1,000 euros, went to Jürgen Schussmann and Michael Dorfer with "Artfinder". The special prize "Social Business" (sponsored by Councillor DI Christian Benger) went to Elke Schlederer-Oberhauser with their idea "Best of the Rest".

Support to self-employment
The jury consisted of representatives of prominent Carinthian institutions like: Harald Baier ( Kärntner Sparkasse AG ) , Robert Breitenecker ( Alpen-Adria -Universität Klagenfurt ) , Mary Mack ( Lakeside Science & Technology Park ) , Daniela Stein ( Business Woman Center Kärnten ) , Karin Ibovnik ( build! Gründerzentrum Kärnten GmbH ) and Jürgen Kopeinig ( Carinthian economic promotion Fund ).
The best ideas have a good chance for joining the support program build. At CUAS the care of potential entrepreneurs determine the degree program Industrial Engineering is anchored under the Startup Initiative . An attractive annual program , discussions , 3D prototyping and the infrastructure of a university opens up numerous possibilities.