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(Status: 23.10.2020) Current status: Campus Feldkirchen: GREEN, Campus Spittal and Villach: YELLOW, Campus Klagenfurt: ORANGE

Dear students,

with 23.10.2020 there is a changed status with the Corona traffic light of the Federal Government:

Current situation is:

  • Campus Feldkirchen on GREEN
  • Campus Spittal and Villach on YELLOW
  • Campus Klagenfurt City on ORANGE

Generally applies:

Notification in case of suspicion, contact and positive tests:
If you have been identified by the health authorities as a confirmed case, suspected case or contact case, or if you have to be quarantined, we request that you immediately provide us with all data, including a description of the situation or what instructions have been given by the health authorities. We have set up a form on the Homepage under COVID-19-Updates, which you can use to easily report all the necessary information.

If there are any changes in the measures, they will be valid from next Tuesday, 27.10.2020. We are in constant contact with the ministry and authorities. Should the situation change or new or other measures become necessary, we will inform you by e-mail. All important information can also be found on the website www.fh-kaernten.at – startpage "Covid-19-Updates" as well as on the intranet (Banner Covid-19-Updates). If there are any uncertainties or questions, please contact us at coronainfofh-kaerntenat.


Measures for the Feldkirchen, Spittal and Villach campuses:

  • Mandatory wearing of a mouth and nose protector in all foyer/corridor areas as well as in rooms if the distance of one meter cannot be maintained. The Ministry prescribes a tight-fitting mouth-nose protection. Face visors and chin guards are not considered suitable mouth and nose protectors since the latest regulation of the Federal Government. This regulation comes into force at the CUAS with 27.10.
  • Observance of the hygiene regulations (cough/nose label, regular hand washing, disinfection, renouncement of shaking hands)
  • Regular airing (every 20 minutes for about 5 minutes - cross ventilation if possible)
  • Accumulations and group formations in the gang foyer areas are to be avoided

For the status ORANGE and thus currently for the Campus Klagenfurt, the following measures, developed on the recommendations of the Federal Ministry, also apply.

Teaching / Courses:
If possible, courses are held online. You will be informed about the respective form by your course instructor or course administration. If no online teaching is possible, all course participants are required to wear a mouth and nose protector during the lessons. Lecturers have to wear mouth and nose protectors in the role of the listener. If the distance to the students can be maintained, the MNS can be taken off during the lecture. This also applies to students, e.g. during presentations. Please adhere to this guideline reliably, as you may be expelled from the lecture hall or seminar room if you do not follow it and a persistent refusal may lead to exclusion from the course.

Laboratory operation:
Here, too, we will switch to online operation if possible. If the units can only be run in presence, all teachers and students are required to wear a mouth and nose protector. Here too, you will receive the information directly from your course administration.

Risk groups:
Risk groups should only participate in the courses online. In this case, please inform your study administration.

Duty of care:
If you have childcare obligations due to school or kindergarten group closures, please inform your study administration.

Excursions: Do NOT take place at ORANGE.

Are held online if possible. If examinations take place on site, the mouth-and-nose protector can be removed at the seat during written examinations or during oral examinations if a distance of at least two meters can be maintained on all sides.

Building access to the campuses St. Veiterstraße and Primoschgasse:
Access is only possible with a chip and via the main entrance. There is a guidance system for entrances and exits. Access is only permitted for students and staff.

Library: The library is open for borrowing, the reading areas/zones are closed.

Hygiene and distance regulations:
Masks are compulsory in all public areas, lecture halls, seminar rooms, library, assembly hall, corridors, toilets and in the tea kitchens. The Ministry recommends a tight-fitting mouth and nose protection. Face visors and chin guards are not considered suitable mouth and nose protection since the latest regulation of the Federal Government. This regulation comes into force on 27.10. at the CUAS.

Please you convert also further all hygiene regulations already defined. Pay attention to regular hand hygiene, wear the mouth and nose protector and keep a distance of at least 1 meter. In addition, surface disinfection (tables, armrests, etc.) and intensive cleaning in the evening or in the morning is carried out after each course. It is possible to obtain surface disinfection wipes in the administration offices.

Thank you very much for your support in implementing the measures! Stay healthy!

With best regards
Siegfried Spanz
Peter Granig