Checklist for suspected COVID-19 cases

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Allgemeine News

(Status: 22.7.2020) The health of all our students and staff members has priority. For this reason we have prepared an approach checklist for suspected COVID 19 cases.

Thanks to your commitment, we have mastered a challenging time. In the past few weeks we have successfully managed to work in a partially regular mode. The reduction of face-to-face contacts, the organization of virtual meetings and the possibility of home office help to interact with one another in a cautious way.
We thank you, dear colleagues, for the strict compliance with the regulations on the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences campuses and your responsible handling of all the measures in the university environment. The health of all our students staff members has priority.
For this reason we have prepared an approach checklist for suspected COVID 19 cases. It is obligatory for all the employees to strictly follow the steps as described below:


1)    I am a "suspected case" = I had contact with a sick person and was contacted by the health authority.

2)    I feel sick (I have symptoms) and assume I have Covid-19

3)    I assume that I was infected (I have no symptoms).

4)    I am a teacher: I observed a student in a teaching, exam, meeting situation who is feeling bad and has symptoms.

5)    A colleague in the office / meeting feels bad, shows symptoms of illness.

  • Follow the path as in point 4)
  • For the study administration: if a student or employee has reported a sickness to you, this must be further reported to the Executive Director geschaeftsfuehrungfh-kaerntenat and the Management of the relevant school [STBL]. Necessary further steps will be decided in consultation with management (cancellation LVs ...).

The current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic makes it necessary to take special measures to protect health. This makes it necessary to document every visit to Carinthia University of Applied Sciences. In the attachment, we send you the procedure at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences regarding conducting of visitor lists for (teaching) events and meetings. It is permissible to collect and temporarily save private contact details of visitors to events to warn on short notice about suspected cases or infections at the event location, or to meet the duty of disclosure of information towards the district authorities.

  1. From now on, an attendance list for every face-to-face course on campus is obligatory.
  2. For smaller meetings, the organizer always has to book a meeting room. The organizer always keeps a list of all participants (e.g. in own calendar) and is able to forward the contact details of all participants to CUAS Management if asked.
  3. For larger events, participants must register in advance. The code of conduct and hygiene rules at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences must be sent to potential visitors already with the invitation. With the registration the persons should:
  • Confirm acknowledgment of the code of conduct and hygiene rules.
  • Be advised that they should bring the masks to the event.
  • Confirm privacy policy (as in attachment).

We would like to inform you that the CUAS Corona hotline was abolished. For further questions concerning Covid19, please contact the Executive Director under: geschaeftsfuehrungfh-kaerntenat or coronainfofh-kaerntenat.
Finally, we may urge you to follow the current travel warnings of the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs when traveling abroad. Not only do you protect yourself, your family, but you also contribute to the responsible interaction with your colleagues.
Stay safe and sound!
We wish you a nice holiday, enjoy the summer and use the days off for relaxation.
Kind regards.