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(Status: 18.01.2021) Extension of the lockdown.

Dear Students,

as you have gathered from the media, the Austrian Federal Government announced on Sunday, 17 January in a press conference the extension of the lockdown until 7 February. The spread of the British virus mutation and the still high number of infections led to this decision. In addition, this also results in some stricter measures in the safety precautions.

We are approaching the end of the semester and are aware that the last few weeks and months have taken place under difficult conditions for everybody. There has also been a backlog of practical exercises and exams. In order to give you as students the opportunity to complete the semester, we decided, in coordination with the ÖH, and after multiple requests from the students to start beginning from 25 January to carry out under stricter safety precautions (see below) laboratory courses also in the non-health science degree programs and to hold the courses and examinations under these stricter precautions that cannot be substituted online. We will carefully weigh up the need for attendance and in the cases of a face-to-face event, you will be informed directly by your course instructor about the mode and the date. The experience from the face-to-face laboratory courses in the health science degree programs has shown that the absolutely strict adherence to the safety measures in the laboratory and in the entire CUAS building enables very safe environment (up to date not a single case of illness or infection has been reported despite continuous operation in the skills labs).

In the case of face-to-face events or examinations, from 25 January the following safety measures are mandatory:

  • For face-to-face events, wearing an FFP-2 mask is compulsory, as is now the case in retail and public areas. Conventional cloth or disposable masks, scarves or shawls are not allowed. Please also make sure that the masks sit correctly on one another. You are responsible for bringing the FFP-2 mask with you!
  • The minimum distance between people is now 2 meters. If there is not enough space in individual laboratories to ensure the safety distance, the groups will be spread.
  • Continue to pay attention to regular hand hygiene  (wash your hands regularly for at least 30 seconds - also disinfect or wash your hands from time to time during face-to-face events) as well as cough and sneeze etiquette (into the crook of your arm).
  • Ventilate the rooms regularly - cross-ventilate 5 minutes after every 20 minutes.
  • Please make sure that there are no gatherings in the corridors when you come or leave the laboratory or seminar rooms. In any case, the distance of 2 meters also applies. Please leave the CUAS building as soon as possible.
  • Outside of the course and the CUAS campuses, please adhere to the general guidelines of the Austrian Federal Government.
  • If you have concerns about taking part in a face-to-face event (because you or your relatives are patients at high risk), that you absence is either excused and you will get an opportunity to catch up on the event in due course OR a special solution should be sought. Please contact you Program Director in this matter.
  • Depending on whether an exam is carried out face-to-face or online, we try to find individual solutions here too (e.g. if an extra journey from another federal state is necessary or, otherwise, if the infrastructure at the campuses is used for an online exam since there is no suitable test environment at home).

These measures apply at least until 7 February!

Current status of the cases at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (as of 15 January 2021):

  • Positive cases: 11
  • Contact person 1: 2
  • Contact person 2: 0
  • Suspected cases: 2

Notification of positive tests and suspected cases:

If you have been identified by the health authorities as a COVID19 confirmed, suspected or contact case, or if you have to be in quarantine, we ask you to continue to submit all data, including a description of the situation or the instructions that have been given to you  by the health authority. Please use the form on the homepage under COVID-19 updates, with which you can easily report all the necessary information.

We thank you for your support with the measures taken and wish you luck for the end of the semester. Stay safe and sound!

With best regards,
CUAS Crisis Management Team