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(Status: 26.03.2021) Presence on campus - information on safe university operation

Dear Students, Dear Colleagues,
the online mode of courses has now lasted for about a year, and many wish to return - at least partially - to face-to-face study. It is also important to us that the progress of studies is guaranteed and that students can complete their studies or semesters well and on time. To ensure that this is done with the best possible safety precautions, we have developed a concept for returning to the campuses after the Easter break during the month of April. You will receive detailed information in due time from your study area at the respective campus.

Most of the lectures will continue to be held online, however, we will plan to have on site classes for select courses or for hands-on labs and skills labs. Students will be informed directly by their program director, which courses this will affect.

In order to ensure safety during the face-to-face courses, we will follow the official testing protocol already in place for hair dressers, etc.  in addition to the usual hygiene measures (mask obligation, distance ..). A trial run of this practice has already been running with a very positive response since March 10 at the Campus St. Veiterstraße in Klagenfurt. All other campuses will adopt the concept one by one.

Important information about the validity of the test and the testing possibilities:

  • Access to the campuses will only be possible with a valid, negative COVID antigen test. The test can be from the public testing facilities (pharmacy, doctors, public testing lanes), here the test result must not be older than 48 hours.
  • Or a medical confirmation about the proof of a passed Covid-19 infection is valid or a segregation notice of the authority, which must not be older than 6 months at the time of attendance at the campuses.
  • In addition, as a supplement solution, a possibility of testing at the respective campuses will be given. You can view the available test times in the appointment booking (see link "Booking my test appointment" in the next paragraph).

Procedure for testing at the campuses:

The tests at the campuses are carried out by our certified Covid laboratory of the study program "Biomedical Analytics". A saliva test (Lollipop test) is used here, which you perform independently under supervision of the testing center. When you book your first appointment, you will also receive your personal QR code, which is valid for all subsequent bookings.  Please use the following link: Booking my test appointment
On the test day, please have your student ID and the QR code (on your cell phone or as a copy) ready. You will receive the test kit and further instructions on site.
Please wait outside the defined entrance door of the campus before testing and enter one at a time only. The result will be sent to your cell phone within about 15 minutes.
Entering or staying on campus is only possible with a valid, negative test result and the test result will be checked for students by the respective Course-management. Random checks may be conducted if you are using public areas such as the auditorium or copier, etc.
If your test result is positive, you will be contacted immediately by telephone. This means you are not allowed to enter the campus. However, you will immediately have the option of having a PCR test (gargle test) performed to verify the rapid test. If the positive test result is confirmed, the laboratory will notify the authorities. Alternatively, instead of the gargle test, you can also contact the telephone number 1450 directly and clarify the further steps.
The implementation of this Covid testing policy provides us and you with the opportunity to increase safety and flexibility in our courses and by all student operations. It should be the highest possible effort of all university personnel to not only make "studying" and working under the given conditions possible, but also to "design" them together.
Please contact your program director or department head or, if you are an employee, the Human Resources Department if you have any concerns.

Current status of the COVID cases at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (as of  26th March):

  • Positive cases: 2
  • Contact person 1: 0
  • Contact person 2: 0

We wish you a relaxing Easter holiday and look forward to seeing you again at the campuses. Stay healthy!
With kind regards
For the university management
Peter Granig und Siegfried Spanz