A lively examination of mathematics

Mario Kapl, habilitated mathematician, teaches and researches in the field of Engineering & IT
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Engineering & IT

Mathematician, Mario Kapl, teaches and researches at CUAS


Since the winter semester 2020/21, the habilitated mathematician, Mario Kapl, has been strengthening the Engineering & IT department at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences. His learning formula: To teach mathematics in a lively and practical way and not as a "dry" science.

Mario Kapl, who was born in Linz and grew up in Zwettl an der Rodl (Upper Austria), has been teaching and researching in his subject area "Technical Mathematics" at the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences in the field of Engineering & IT since the beginning of the winter semester. Already at a young age he was fascinated by mathematical problems and solving them. This passion led him to the JKU - Johannes Kepler University in Linz after his Matura at BORG Linz for competitive sports. From 2000 to 2005, he completed his diploma studies in Technical Mathematics with a major in Computer Mathematics, followed by a doctorate in Technical Mathematics at the JKU in 2008.

Highest academic examination for competent research and teaching
After working as a research and university assistant in Linz at JKU and RICAM, Mario Kapl was also active as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Mathematics at the University of Pavia (Italy) from 2016-2017, before habilitating in 2020. "Understanding exactly how something in mathematics works, but above all researching and developing new things in the field of mathematics, drove me to complete my habilitation this year," explains the passionate mathematician, who holds a professorship in technical mathematics at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and greatly appreciates the opportunity to carry out teaching and research in an enriching environment.

In his habilitation, the mathematician was concerned with the development of new functions, techniques and methods for the numerical simulation of physical problems, which can also occur in industrial problems, for example. In doing so, he dealt with a new and innovative simulation technique, the so-called Isogeometric Analysis, which allows a much faster and more efficient solution of industrial problems compared to classical simulation techniques.

In his current FWF project "Isogeometric Analysis with C1 Smooth Functions" he is developing, together with research partners, isogeometric methods for the numerical analysis of complex, so-called shells, which can be very helpful in the design and shape optimization of components.  In the engineering disciplines, the construction by means of shells is an important concept, which is used e.g. in the lightweight construction industry as well as in aerospace and vehicle construction. "I enjoy linking practical research and its application, especially in the field of numerical mathematics and geometric modeling," explains the professor, who as a contact person for mathematical issues also promotes the continuation and creation of new national and international collaborations.

The mathematics professor also wants to convey to his students that mathematics is clear and provable and that no separate math gene is needed. "It is a matter of giving students the necessary knowledge and tools, which are indispensable for technical studies, in a lively way and, if there are any fears, to take them away," emphasizes Mario Kapl.  

Away from research and teaching in the field of mathematics, Mario Kapl is an enthusiastic cross-country skier, but running, hiking and mountain biking are also among his hobbies.

Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Mario Kapl
Professorship for Technical Mathematics
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