SS 2020
LectureTypeSPPSECTS-CreditsCourse number
Content marketing ILV 1,0 1,0 M4.08500.20.190
Social Media Marketing ILV 1,0 2,0 M4.08500.20.211
Specialization Area: International MarketingTypeSPPSECTS-Credits
International Digital Marketing ILV 1,0 2,0 M4.05173.20.571
WS 2019
Specialization Area: MarketingTypeSPPSECTS-Credits
Strategic Brand Management ILV 2,0 4,0 M4.07741.30.070
LectureTypeSPPSECTS-CreditsCourse number
Digital marketing roadmap ILV 1,0 2,0 M4.08500.10.070

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