German (DaF) 1 / A1 (ILV)


Course lecturer:


 Silke Fankhauser

FH-Prof. Dr. phil.

 Colin Heller , M.A.

Specialization AreaIntercultural Management
Course numberB4.06365.10.131
Course codeD1-A1
Semester of degree program Semester 1
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits4,0
Language of instruction German

On successful completion of the course, students:

  • can introduce themselves and others
  • understand spoken greetings and introductions
  • can ask questions about personal details and familiar topics, geographical location, directions (nicht unbedingt, höchstens einfache) and spell
  • can fill out personal details in forms and write personal messages
  • can read and understand basic signs
  • can interact on topics of interest
  • understand telephone numbers and give their own
  • can express easy / simple statistics in words
  • read and understand short descriptions about people
  • can order and pay in a café
  • can describe accommodation
  • can tell the time and talk about their daily routines
  • can make arrangements

  • Greetings and self-introduction, talking about myself, my family and my immediate surroundings (studies, work, home)
  • Asking and answering questions about personal details and familiar topics
  • Writing personal messages and filling in forms
  • Basic vocabulary, phrases, grammar structures and linking words
  • The time and calendar (wann and von wann bis wann)
  • Simple sentence structure and word order in main clauses, forming questions (wie, woher, wo, was) and statements; negation with kein/e and nicht
  • local and temporal prepositions; personal and possessive pronouns; position of adverbs,
  • predicative adjectives; modal verbs; present and past of selected verbs; Imperfect of sein and haben, w-questions; ordinal numbers; plural forms of nouns, declination of nouns, in/definite article

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A mixed method of instruction will be used for this course, including
lectures, discussion, role play, presentations and self-study and group work.

Continual assessment 20%

Final examination (written and oral) 60%

Class preparation and participation 20%