Scientific English (ILV)


Course lecturer:

 Marvin Hoffland , MSc.

 Johanna Jessenitschnig , BSc B.A.

Course numberB3.06660.60.610
Course codeL-Engl
Semester of degree program Semester 6
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits2,0
Language of instruction German

Students are able upon completion of this course to utilize and understand English terminology in the areas of speech and language therapy and anatomy and physiology. They can discuss subject-specific English academic literature and carry out patient-related discussions in English. Moreover, they will be able to correctly cite journal papers and books.

B3.06660.10.130, B3.00000.70.100

Subject-specific texts (discussion of English literature from the areas of speech and language therapy and medical settings) English terminology of important technical terms Patient interviews in English Speech therapy in international context

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Fachzeitschriften und Fachartikel:
Diese sind als Arbeitsmedium vorgesehen und orientieren sich am "State of the Art" des Fachgebietes.

-Jibidar, A. (2017). Grundwortschatz Englisch für Pflege- und Gesundheitsberufe: Deutsch-Englisch, Englisch-Deutsch (2., überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage). facultas. -Schiller, S. (2011). Fachenglisch für Gesundheitsberufe: Physiotherapie, Ergotherapie, Logopädie (3. Auflage). Springer. -Penn, J. M., & Hanson, E. (2006). Anatomy and physiology for English language learners. Pearson Longman. Diverse articles from journals

- Literature Review - Presentation of speech therapy related topic - Homework and exercises

- Presentation - Literature Review - Homework and attendance - Final Exam