Paediatrics (VO)


Course lecturer:

 Barbara Jauk


 Robert Payer
Course numberB3.06670.40.520
Course codeKinderhk
Semester of degree program Semester 4
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits1,5
Language of instruction German

Students learn clinical pictures in the Department of Pediatrics, the therapy know when teething, know the clinical images and diagnoses and know how they affect patients. They also know the healing processes and contraindications for physiotherapy. You understand clinical diagnoses and findings, they can correctly interpret and understand how they impact on physiotherapy.

Causes, symptoms, diagnosis, course, pathophysiology, medical therapy of the following disorders: central movement disorders (eg, cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus) neuromuscular disorders Spina bifidaGeburtstraumata (eg plexus palsy, torticollis, facial paralysis ...) problem of prematurely born child, problems of developmental retardation, stunted growth malformations of entertainment and musculoskeletal system (eg Kiss syndrome, scoliosis) physiotherapy in selected pathologies (eg, asthma, cystic fibrosis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, oncology, multiple disabilities

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