Soil Engineering and Mechanics 1 (ILV)


Course lecturer:

DI Dr.

 Helfried Breymann

FH-Prof. DI

 Walter Schneider

Course numberB1.05940.30.360
Course codeGrBoMe1
Semester of degree program Semester 3
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits2,5
Language of instruction German

Due to laboratory exercise at the beginning the students possess a basic experience and understanding of the geotechnical processes within the construction substratum when acting as the construction foundation. They have the ability to undertake simple soil static dimensioning tasks.

The interaction between construction substratum and structure.

Types of soil, soil mechanical parameters and their determination.

Ground exploration, 3-substance-system,

Water in ground,

Ground settlement haracteristics,

Basic earth pressure approaches and earth pressure relocation

Stability problems: Shear failure, slipping, tilting, slope failure

A two days laboratory work is integrated content.

Grundbau Taschenbuch Teil 1


Dörken / Dehne - Grundbau in Beispielen Teil 1 bis 3, 3. Auflage, Werner Verlag Düsseldorf 2002

Hans-Hennig Schmidt - Grundlagen der Geotechnik, B.G. Teubner Stuttgart 1996

Lang/ Huder/ Amann - Bodenmechanik und Grundbau, 6. Auflage, Springer Berlin - Heidelberg - New York 1996

Schnell- Vahland - Verfahrenstechnik der Baugrundverbesserungen, B.G. Teubner Stuttgart 19972008,

Lecture with integrated exercises , Laboratory exercises

Lab-protocols and verbal and written exam