Relaxation Techniques Group 2 (ILV)


Course lecturer:

 Elena Fluch , MSc.

Course numberB3.06670.10.100
Course codeEntsp
Semester of degree program Semester 1
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits1,0
Language of instruction German

Students are able to describe the theory, conditions and self-awareness of selected relaxation and body awareness techniques and a variety of relaxation and body awareness techniques to patients perform targeted to achieve a psycho-physically dissolved state. You can design framework and the appropriate attitude for work and select both passive and active methods and apply. You can perform the indications and contraindications for the various methods / measures.

Definition of body awareness, body awareness, body boundaries, connection of perception, movement and emo-tion physiotherapy relevance and presentation of various concepts of body perception and relaxation technique framework conditions and self-awareness of body perception and relaxation technique learning and performing practical body perception and relaxation techniques to train / improve the ability to relax a person in the prevention and curation

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