Market Research Group B (ILV)


Course lecturer:

Mag. Dr.

 Sabrina Weisskircher , MSc
Specialization AreaBusiness Management
Course numberB4.06364.30.050
Course codeMafo
Semester of degree program Semester 3
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits3,0
Language of instruction German

Students are able to explain the characteristics of the primary and secondary market research, for the particular information needs of companies, the appropriate form of the survey (primary or secondary research, qualitative or quantitative survey) identifizieren.ein for the particular information needs of businesses appropriate market research design design, the necessary develop tools (manuals, questionnaires) as well independently and raise dierelevanten information in a project independently and evaluate, are able to assess the results of market research projects.

Completion of the following courses: "Fundamentals of Social Research" (1st semester) "Principles of Marketing" (2nd semester)

Importance of market research for the marketing practice Objectives and tasks of the research Tools of qualitative market research Tools of quantitative market research Planning a market research project Quality criteria of market research Creating a market research report

Berekoven, L. / Eckert, We. / Ellenrieder, P. (2009): Marktforschung. Methodische Grundlagen und praktische Anwendung, 12. überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage, Wiesbaden

The contents presented by the lecturer are converted into practice by the students as part of a market research project.

written final exam (60%) and practical project consisting of four presentations (40%)