English 5: Scientific Writing (SE)

Course numberB2.00000.50.401
Course codeENG 5
Semester of degree program Semester 5
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits2,0
Language of instruction English

Students will be able to:
Write-up research according to the stylistic and information conventions for writing and publishing science and engineering research reports.
Develop an understanding of editing and its role in documentation and publication of research reports.

Structure of academic/technical reports (thesis and papers for publication)
Analysis of information conventions in science and Engineering research reports
Introduction to scientific argumentation: writing critically academic/technical reports
Avoiding plagiarism: paraphrasing strategies and citations
Academic writing style:
Features of spoken vs. written language (purpose, audience and mode)
Vocabulary and grammar of scientific register (e.g. nominalizations, passive vs. active voice, academic vocabulary)
Layout of science/engineering reports: paragraph formatting, font, spacing, tables, figures, equations, headings/subheading/numbering style, figure/table captions, appendix, bibliographical entries, etc.

Bailey, S. (2003). Academic writing: A practical Guide for Students
David Beer and David McMurrey (2004). A Guide to Writing as an Engineer, 2nd ed. Wiley, (ISBN 0-471-43074-9)
Weissberg, R. and Buker, S. (1990). Writing up research. NJ: Prentice Hall Regents
John M. Swales, Christine A. Beer and Christine Feak (2004). Commentary for Academic Writing for Graduate Students, 2d ed.: Essential Tasks and Skills. University of Michigan Press ELT

Additional material tailored for the students' learning needs and the study programme provided by the lecturer

Workshops and  group discussions
Write-ups (step-by-step writing process with feedback)

A summary report of the student's Bachelor's thesis for publication (2000-2500 word paper/PDF)
Or the student's Bachelor's thesis (if requested by your FH supervisor/company)